Cyrus has a way with kids.

Your shoes are wet. Put them near the fire.

Could you tell Harv that I'll be a few minutes late?

Brad's hiding something, and Kelly knows it.

Suspicion is the poison of friendship.

I know exactly what you're feeling.

Blue movies are rated X, which means that only people of 18 and over can watch them.

Jack chatted with Farouk.

We won't know until Monday night.

After hours of browsing TV Tropes, Lyle could predict the ending of any show. This gave him a distaste for entertainment that, in a roundabout way, enabled him to make time for a more productive life.

She once came when my sister was home.

He passed the test as was expected.

He drops in on me very often.

I keep in touch with my parents by mail.

He burned the croutons.

Why does this happen so often?


I don't know how to thank you enough.

I think it is worthwhile to see this film twice.

Let's resume reading where we left off last week.

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I couldn't find my big blue dictionary. Where did you hide it?

Freedom. On my school notebooks. On my school desk and the trees. On the sand of the snow. I write your name.

I wanted to help, but there was nothing I could do.

I can't find you.

The director reprimanded you.

Lori and I split a pitcher of beer.

She doubled over, clutching her side.

That politician is full of ambition.

I can't stand him any more.

What's Germany's highest mountain?

I steal it from you.


Everyone has their own way.

I didn't mean to interrupt anything.

Lots of people learn Japanese so they can understand mangas.


Gene does not let her sister borrow her clothes.


I enjoyed the attention.


Laurent was supposed to be here today.


Dan was sitting in the kitchen, talking to himself.

How did you know where I'd be?

You have to make Josip believe you.

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This is your destiny.

I'll get off at the next station.

Ginger is a food that warms up the body, so it is recommended for people sensitive to cold.

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I want to stay here.

Unfortunately I was not in time for his speech.

Don't stay up too late.

In order to sprout, seeds need air and water.

Whether I be rich or poor, intelligent or stupid, I have nothing to prove to you.

My older brother got a position in a big business.

Melinda's not really that into sports.

Angus doesn't have to stay home to help Pia.

This is a sticky situation.

Forgive me for being late.

Vince is a highly-respected community leader.

There's free food.

You're on the wrong bus.

Do you have fire insurance?

The file has been sent.

Don't you feel it?

The agonies of the machine age do not originate from the machines as such.

I hadn't noticed.

This rule doesn't apply to emergencies.

New York is on the Hudson River.

As a punishment, the disgraced Greenpeace volunteer had to scrub oil from an otter's fur with his own toothbrush.

I guess I haven't made myself clear.

Jun was deployed to Iraq.

I knew it was possible.

This new law will apply statewide.

Paola is there to help Linda.

While walking down a street, he ran into an old friend of his.

The refugees were excluded from the country.

Sooner or later, the hostages will be released.

It looked like no one could stop President Reagan.

Do you believe Judas betrayed Jesus Christ?


I woke up at noon.

I met her at the coffee shop.

Hans was extremely kind to me.

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The author leaves Luggnagg and sails to Japan. From thence he returns in a Dutch Ship to Amsterdam, and from Amsterdam to England.

I'm not saluting your flag.

I don't give a damn about poetry.


She wants to live in the city.


Pratap raises Arabian horses.

They watched the solemn ceremony in the church with awe.

Summer has gone all too soon.

Pratap's feet felt numb.

Did you see a bag here?

I like canned fruits.

Roland is lonely and has no one to play with.

I'm sure you can find another job.

This is a flower?

The two scholars argued for hours about biblical hermeneutics.

We must have something to fall back on.

After three years of trying to change Walt, Sheila realised that he was never going to change.

I will go to the doctor this afternoon.

You should write a song about that.

Kamel's still eating.

I was ushered to my seat.

The tulips have begun to come up.

The police are interviewing witnesses.

Being left alone, the boy didn't know what to do.

We have things we need to discuss.

Is that my toothbrush?

We couldn't go out because of the heavy rain.

There are challenges.

They have a nice time there.

He's a ninja.


Tell her I feel fine.

Can someone please explain that to me?

What is the secret to your success?

Don't let them get me.

Steven lost his way.

My maternal aunt brought me up after my parents died in a plane crash.

Please note that the price is subject to change.

I still say we should've helped Pilot.

I know it's not a joke.

He didn't die happily.

Tell her that I am fed up of her lies.

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Ichiro puts friendship above profit.

Ramsey is still just a baby.

I want you to know that I can't be there tomorrow.

Don't be too hard on him.

This guy is a bandit.

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She refused to say more about that matter.

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The holidays came to an end at last.

Are you still in love with your wife?

We've had good luck with it.

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He who knows the most often says the least.

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I like that dress a lot.

Patty stayed in the shallow end of the pool.

When I was a kid I could sleep anywhere.


The situation is grave.

Let's get home.

I like you.


I didn't tell anyone, not even my mother.



I think this is a case in point.

Claudia was lying unconscious on the floor.

The exact same thing happened to me.

She deleted a file.


I work for three hours every Sunday morning.

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I was here last night.

I'm sorry I couldn't make it to your party last night.

I live from hand to mouth.


Twelve years old is old for a dog.

I felt something was wrong.

I want to ask Trent some questions.

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It's hard for me to understand Italian when it is spoken quickly.


Put Rodger off until I have time to think it over.


Feck off.

Have another cookie.

I like playing sports.

I should've changed the oil.

I've known her for more than twenty years.


Time has come to admit that hard work and hope are no substitute for actual knowledge.

I think Jeannette should help us.

I have never been to Florida.

Clyde looked quite dashing.

He doesn't care.

Smoking is a repulsive habit.

Are you going to be home for dinner?

The year you spent in Germany was very productive for you.

You smell great.

She was very down because of the exam result.

I thought we could all go out for some ice cream.


There's a fine line between being frugal and being cheap.

We're on the same page.

We have dealt with this store for 16 years.

Let's assume that I do believe you.

Let them all come.

The young girls twined wreaths of flowers.

I find no logic in his argument.